ASIA's 1st million dollar ring earner & double imd

Our Founder Mr Dennis Bay


Our Founder

Dennis Bay joined WorldVentures on 10.10.10 and started F6 Global Group in the year 2010 from his home country, Singapore. Within 2 years, he had built his first 3000+ members in Asia and became one of the first pioneers to achieve the top rank International Marketing Director. Within 4 years, he achieved the 1st Million Dollar Ring Earner in Asia and in his 5th Year, he became the 1st Double International Marketing Director in Asia with a network of over 900,000 customers worldwide and over $800 million dollars in global annual sales.  Read more.


Our Proven Leadership Team

Our Worldventures team led by Mr Dennis Bay and F6 global group has been around for over 8 years since 2010 and has produced over 80 International Marketing Directors globally and over 900,000 representatives from over 30 countries. 

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Our Proven Success System

In less than 8 years, our training system has produced over 12000 Senior Representatives. All you have to do is follow our proven step by step success system and you will definitely be successful, unless you quit. 

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